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8 Ideas To Prevent Depression From Controlling Your Appetite


Our state of mind greatly influences the way we feed ourselves. That’s why appetite and depression are deeply related. Depression is a state of mind in which sadness and frustration predominate, which interfere negatively in the individual’s daily life. Obviously, this unfortunate state of mind has an impact on his/her relationship with food, i.e. his/her appetite.

Some people who suffer from depression increase their appetite significantly. They eat sweets, pasta, pizza, etc., all foods with high caloric content, even gaining weight. Other people, however, eat too little, which also damages their health.

The central problem is that depression controls the appetite, eating too much or eating too little. Therefore, here are 7 good ideas that will help you overcome depression, regardless of what you eat.

1- Stop Focusing On Food

You feel sad and the first comfort you think of is food: a huge slice of cake, a whole pizza, a huge pot of ice cream, etc. It may also be that you don’t want to eat anything and deprive your body of the nutrients it needs. Both of these behaviors hurt you. Eating too much will make you gain weight and not eating anything will make you lose too much weight and may lower your defenses.

When you feel sad you should analyze the reasons for your sadness and work on possible solutions. If you continue to feel discouraged, seek professional help. A good psychologist will tell you what to do. Food feeds your body, but it is never the solution to depression.

2- Explore Different Solutions To Overcome Your Depression

Depression is a very serious mental disorder that must be treated early. Unfortunately, when people are depressed they tend to eat a lot, allowing the depression to control the appetite. You should know that you can alleviate your depression in many ways regardless of food. Simple activities such as going for a walk, listening to your favorite music, having a pet in your house, etc, will make you feel better immediately.

3- Respect Yourself

Suffering from depression does not justify damaging your health by eating too much or too little. You are worth a lot and for that reason you should take care of your body as it deserves. Eating badly produces serious illnesses such as anorexia, bulimia, diabetes, obesity, etc. To prevent this from happening, you must prioritize your personal integrity.

4- Listen To Your Emotions

Before you eat junk food because you are sad, ask yourself why you feel this way, what facts led you to depression. Try to find answers to what’s wrong with you. Your mind will be engaged in finding solutions to your discouragement and food will take a back seat. The key is to explore your emotions, understand them and find healthy relief from your sadness.

5- Exercise

Exercise is a great appetite regulator. If you are depressed and eating a lot for that reason, you should start exercising. You can start walking for an hour a day. That will put you in a good mood, activate your metabolism and sleep better at night. Most importantly, depression will stop controlling your appetite. You are now in control of the situation.

6- Breath Slowly

Before you eat too much, try to control your breathing by breathing slowly. This will relax your mind, relieving your distress and making you feel the present time more intensely. You will see how you can then eat normally, without excesses.

7- Meditate

Meditation is a mental exercise that allows you to relax your mind and detach from the problems you have. Once a day choose a quiet moment, in a comfortable place in your home, breathe deeply and simply think about everything that happens to you, without identifying with it. You will see that later you will have a new perspective on life and that all problems have a solution. You will no longer feel the need to eat a lot to feel good.

8- Express The Pain Of Your Soul

Instead of channeling your distress through food, choose an artistic activity that you love and that allows you to express your feelings. You can write, draw, compose music or any other activity that will cheer up your soul. You will see that you will feel incredibly good and relieved afterwards.

As you can see, these ideas will help you control the way you feed yourself, regardless of your mood. Trust in yourself, you can control your appetite and depression, always prioritizing your personal integrity.