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Jasmine – The Plant That Will Radically Change Your Life!


One of the most beautiful and pleasant-smelling flowers is the jasmine, preferred by many women when it comes to perfumes. But did you know the benefits of this extraordinary plant and how it can be used? I have tried to answer all these questions in the following material. Stay tuned because I am going to present you the numerous benefits of jasmine and the fact that jasmine reduce anxiety!

Some important characteristics about jasmine

There is no doubt that in China, jasmine tea is extremely popular and it is consumed at almost every meal! The Chinese appreciate jasmine tea due to its pleasant taste, relaxing aroma, but also health benefits. Jasmine tea is often consumed in combination with green tea, just to potentiate its beneficial effects.

Called by the Persians “Yasmin”, meaning “gift of God”, jasmine has been used for centuries for the natural fragrance of the skin and its aphrodisiac effects. Arab women added it to the baths and applied jasmine oil to their bodies. Both effects are appreciated today, when jasmine has become one of the essential ingredients used by perfumers around the world and a plant often found on the list of ingredients of cosmetics. Another popular effect of jasmine is sedative. Due to the pleasant aroma but also to the volatile oils in the composition, jasmine calms, relaxes, reduces stress and fatigue, and can successfully treat insomnia Another important fact is that jasmine reduce anxiety.

However, it also has a moderate caffeine content, so consuming jasmine tea in the evening after 6 PM can have the exact opposite effect and prevent us from falling asleep. Jasmine has also been used by doctors to relieve nervousness, agitation and arousal. Wealthy women in the nineteenth century used it in the form of volatile oils to relieve anxiety, depression and excessive emotion. Jasmine tea has other health benefits related to improving body functions. It lowers cholesterol and regulates intestinal transit, calming the unpleasant symptoms of indigestion.

Many experts claim that the antioxidants in jasmine tea could stop the growth of cancer cells in the body, if consumed regularly. Due to its calming and anti-inflammatory effect, it can relieve headaches, joint pain, rheumatism, fatigue and muscle fever, muscle contractions and spasms and can treat migraines to some extent. However, jasmine tea is not recommended for pregnant women and people with heart disease due to its caffeine content. Likewise, this tea is contraindicated for patients with gastric hyperacidity or ulcer. Also, whether you suffer from chronic diseases or not, overdoses can have more or less serious side effects, such as abdominal pain, vomiting, drowsiness, kidney dysfunction. But let’s talk a little more about this.

Jasmine reduce anxiety

People with anxiety will be able to call in a full phase, to the family doctor who can prescribe tests and dietary supplements with vitamins and minerals. If the symptoms persist, they will have to go to doctors specializing in cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, dermatology or orthopaedics. If symptoms are still present after these checks, tests and specialist treatments, those affected should consult a psychiatrist who, after a thorough evaluation, will be able to prescribe drug treatment. One of the best facts is that jasmine reduce anxiety. due to its natural benefits.

In times of agitation and nervousness, a cup of jasmine tea can help calm you down. The substances in the composition of the plant come into contact with the same receptors in the brain as the medicine called diazepam, prescribed by doctors for such mental disorders, but they do not have the same side effects. In a study by scientists at the University of Pennsylvania, patients with generalized anxiety disorder who promised natural jasmine products for eight weeks showed significant relief from symptoms compared to patients taking medications.

The benefits of jasmine

1. Fights Stress and Depression

Jasmine reduces anxiety and helps you calm down quickly in a stressful situation or a neurotic crisis. It also invigorates the central nervous system, removing signs of depression, asthenia or anxiety. The merit of the calming and tonic effect is not only due to the active compounds in the plant, but also to its pleasant and relaxing smell.

2. Treat Migraines

Unbearable headaches caused by migraines can be greatly relieved with a cup of jasmine tea, due to the strong calming effect of this natural remedy.

3. Improves Digestion

 The active compounds in jasmine flowers help stimulate slow intestinal transit and destroy harmful bacteria that cause food poisoning.

4. Increases Libido

Jasmine tea can become the most handy and effective aphrodisiac. It has been shown that when consumed frequently, jasmine tea leads to increased sexual desire and improved sex life.

5. Prevents Cancer

Jasmine tea has a strong anticancer effect, specialists show that it prevents the formation of malignant cells by combating the attack of free radicals on the body. Here are the “stars” of antioxidants in the plant, whose therapeutic properties manage to keep cancer at bay.

6. Reduces Cholesterol

Jasmine tea contains catechins, organic compounds that play an essential role in lowering “bad” cholesterol and blood triglycerides. It has a strong hepatoprotective effect.

7. Helps to Lose Weight

Jasmine is a strong ally of healthy weight loss, due to the many antioxidants in the composition of the plant, which stimulates the metabolism and contributes to faster fat burning.

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